About Us

Critical Needs Support Foundation (CNSF) responds to the immediate and long-term critical needs of vulnerable IDPs, refugees, and host communities in Iraq. As a locally-led humanitarian organization, CNSF focuses on shelter, sustainable agriculture, livelihoods, Social Cohesion, and emergency response initiatives. We are based in Erbil Kurdistan with sub offices in Mosul and Ramadi, Iraq, with over 5 years of experience working across the country.

CNSF believes beneficiaries are best served when projects empower, strengthen and rejuvenate vulnerable communities at the individual, local, and national levels with the long-term goal of social cohesion and economic redevelopment. Since inception in 2014, CNSF has collaborated as a trusted implementing partner with international organizations. CNSF provides the need for the vulnerable people and protect their dignity while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. We work with International NGOs and donations.

Independent and non-profit, CNSF (operating under the Iraqi law) respects a strict political and religious impartiality, and operates following principles of non-discrimination, transparency, according to its core values: responsibility, impact, enterprising-spirit and inspiration.


Our Team

CNSF team is devoted to supporting vulnerable communities throughout Iraq and accompanying them in building a better future by providing a response adapted to specific needs. Our staff provides aid to population affected by crisis using an approach that is both local and global, multidisciplinary and adapted to each context. By ensuring the link between Emergency, Rehabilitation and Development.

We use sphere such guideline in our work because we believe people are at the heart of humanitarian action. The primary motivation of any response is to save lives, alleviate human suffering and to support the right to life with dignity.

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Ammar - Country Director

Larissa - Program Manager

Ali - Project Manager

Mones - Project Manager

Sawsan - Project Coordinator

Yara - Media Coordinator

Dylan - Media Director

Amanj - Coordinator

Mouthna - Field Engineer

Abdulbasit - Field Engineer

Muhamed N. - Agriculture Trainer

Naz - HR Manager

Omar - Volunteer

Saad - Field Coordinator

Saif - Field Coordinator

Patrick - Strategy Adviser

Dalan - Finance & Logistics Manager

Berivan - Finance Officer

Jia - Field Engineer

Solen - Community Mobilizer

Muhammed R. - Field Facilitator

Shad - Office Assistant

Programs, Services and Past Accomplishments

CNSF specializes in shelter programming and has implemented projects including: NFI distribution of Sealing Off Kits, Mobile Emergency Shelter Kits, and Winter Kits as well as reconstruction and repair of war damaged category 2-4 homes. CNSF is known as a first response organization, particularly providing live-saving aid during the Sinjar crisis of 2014 and WASH assistance during the Mosul emergency phase of 2017. In addition to emergency water trucking and hygiene kit distribution in Mosul, CNSF also integrated a livelihoods approach via the Windows and Workers project. The initiative trained local Mosul apprentices to replace and repair windows in war damaged homes.

2019 & 2020 Planned Interventions

Integrate our core shelter projects, engineering expertise and project management for programming in:

• Livelihood, cash transfer and vocational training

• Shelter rehabilitation / reconstruction activities for transitional shelters

• Agricultural & Irrigation projects

• WASH activities

• Emergency response activities

Areas of Priority & Strategic Focus

Leverage our established community access and concentrate organizational capacity in:

• Difficult to access areas such as the Anbar Province

• Villages outside Mosul lacking formal assistance

• Pre-urban and rural areas in Nineveh

• Minority social or religious communities

• Other areas of Iraq with high vulnerability crisis