Our Mission:

We Provide Hope.

We work with conflict affected communities and other humanitarian actors to support the most vulnerable people impacted by conflict across Iraq.


Our Mission

CNSF responds to the immediate and long-term critical needs of vulnerable IDPs, refugees, and host communities in Iraq. CNSF uses a community based approach to provide for the fundamental needs of the most vulnerable while creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential.

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Our Impact

CNSF operates according to international humanitarian standards. We believe people are at the heart of humanitarian action. The primary motivation of any response is to save lives, alleviate human suffering and to support the right to life with dignity.



Years Serving Iraq

Working across all of Iraq in some of the hardest to reach areas from Sinjar to Basra.


Thousands of homes rebuilt

The conflict has left many families without homes. We will continue to rebuild for people who have lost everything.


seventy-nine thousand Impacted

The work isn’t over, and we look to serve more people in the coming years.


Our Programs

CNSF specializes in community based shelter rehabilitation, innovative cash for work initiatives and environmentally conscious agriculture initiatives.

Historically we have implemented projects such as the distribution of Sealing Off Kits, Mobile Emergency Shelter Kits, and Winter Kits as well as complete reconstruction and repair of war damaged category 2-4 homes. CNSF provided live-saving aid during the Sinjar crisis of 2014 and WASH assistance during the Mosul emergency phase of 2017. In addition to emergency water trucking and hygiene kit distributions in Mosul, CNSF also integrated a livelihood approach via the Windows and Workers project. The initiative trained local Mosul apprentices to replace and repair windows in war-damaged homes.


What We Do


With temperatures ranging from below zero in winter to above 50 degrees Celsius in summer, adequate shelter is essential for survival in a challenging climate. We provide basic repairs to and complete reconstruction of family homes in some of the most heavily conflict impacted areas of Iraq.


CNSF is currently launching a number of sustainable initiatives designed to promote peaceful coexistence and durable economic opportunities for the most vulnerable members of the IDP, refugee and host community population.

The Green Hopes project provides people with technical training on agriculture, greenhouses construction expertise, the resources to grow produce and linkages with restaurants and businesses to ensure markets for all goods produces.


Providing people with employment and an income not only provides a sense of purpose, but also enables them to be financially independent, allowing them to take control of their lives once more. CNSF’s cash for work schemes are designed to compliment and reinforce our shelter and agricultural projects, bringing a more complete response to the communities in need.


Many of the community water sources were destroyed during the conflict. Communal facilities have been left in a state of disrepair, while personal water tanks and plumbing systems have been splintered with shrapnel or blocked by debris.


CNSF well positioned itself to provide emergency relief and has been delivering food, water, kerosene heaters, blankets to the people of Mosul since the start of the offensive at the end of October 2016. Our teams are able to mobilize quickly in order to identify at-risk individuals isolated from other forms of support.


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