For families impacted by the war with ISIS, we provide a lifeline.


The Critical Needs Support Foundation (CNSF) is a local non-governmental organization registered in Iraqi-Kurdistan.We work with communities impacted by the war with ISIS and with other NGOs to bring support to the nearly two million displaced people groups in Iraq.



Mosul First Response - TOP PRIORITY

Our Other Important and Ongoing Projects: 

orphan Support

Over 600 children have been orphaned as a result of the Islamic State's assault. We provide these orphans with essential items to help them survive.

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children's ACTIVITY center

We provide a safe space for children to be children again and a basic, but balanced education, giving them hope of a brighter future for them and their families. 

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new life program

Our New Life Program provides people with skills for new vocations such as carpentry and tailoring, plus with a basic start-up kit of the tools to get their new business going.

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