Providing critical support and delivering hope.


In August 2014, CNSF was created in response to the needs of Iraq's Yazidi community encircled by ISIS and stranded on Sinjar Mountain. Since then, CNSF has been responding to the diverse set of needs for all the peoples of Iraq displaced by war and refugees who have sought security here.

Our mission is simple: providing critical support and delivering hope. Additionally, we are working with those communities impacted by the war to identify lasting institutional support and help those communities build those structures themselves. For example, setting up vocational training programs and work placement for refugees and building an orphanage to provide a home for children that have no where else to turn. 


What We've Achieved

  • We have provided help and support to over 600 orphans and over 500 widows, plus a whole small camp north of Dohuk. 

  • We have provided food, clothing and heaters to provide warmth during the harsh Kurdish winter months, plus personal hygiene kits for women.

  • To-date we have supported 20 orphans to return to school.

  • We have been able to provide medical care to children in need and for one orphan in particular who sustained severe injuries when captured by ISIS, we were able to fund his corrective surgery and recovery. 

  • We are helping to give over 30 Yezidi children living on a small, unofficial IDP camp, a safe place to be children again and a basic, but well balanced education.