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Founder & Director

Being Kurdish and growing up in Baghdad, Ammar has was raised in multilingual and multicultural environment, giving him a unique perspective on life throughout Kurdistan and Iraq.

After studying law, Ammar moved to Erbil, and started working in the charity sector. Finding his true passion, he founded the Critical Needs Support Foundation; to provide aid and assistance to those most in need throughout Kurdistan and Iraq.

Ammar’s passion and conviction to help people and the community is inspiring and his resourcefulness and insight into the complex local operating environment has allowed Ammar and his team to achieve results far above and beyond the size of the organization.

Under the guidance of Ammar, CNSF has developed an enviable reputation of being able to manage and safely implement the provision of emergency relief in conflict zones throughout Kurdistan and Iraq.






Deputy Director

Brett originally started with CNSF as a volunteer in January, 2017 for what he thought would be a three month term and a hiatus from his previous career. Three months quickly turned into six and now he is planning on spending the next few years in Iraq.

His past is multifaceted with a degree in law, a degree in zoology and several years working in a variety of career paths including diving, construction and sales. Combined with an extensive amount of travel this has enabled Brett to develop a variety of skills and be very flexible when it comes to the challenges faced in the current environment.








Project Manager

Born in Kyrgyzstan and raised in the US, Cholpon learned to navigate different cultures and languages from an early age. Her interest in the MENA region began during her studies at Occidental College, where she received a degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs in 2015. Prior to joining CNSF, Cholpon spent two years in Egypt working in migration research, analyzing trends of people on the move in North Africa.









Project Manager

Allaa was born and raised in Baghdad and received his Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering from Al-Mustansiriya University in 2004. He went onto spend nine years in India, where he completed an M-Tech in Hydrology from the Indian Institute of Technology, a diploma in UN Studies, and an MBA in Project Management. In 2016, Allaa finished his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Delhi Technological University.  

Allaa has a diverse professional background, applying his expertise with positions at the Ministry of Environment in Baghdad, UNAMID in Darfur, and the private sector in India. Allaa has published twelve international articles on WASH issues and related health effects.


Board of Advisors


Dylan Roberts
Freelance Society & Journalist

Ed Rivera

Lenor Rivera