Bahjat Mekram


I am Bahjat and I have been suffering from the war that has totally destroyed my house , the thing that made me feel depressed because I lost everything and I was afraid that my family will stay homeless; until CNSF saved us by rebuilding our homes again.

1- Can you tell me about your feeling after the rehabilitation of your home?

Actually, I am one of those who were displaced due to war, so the feeling of rehabilitating my house is indescribable! especially when we knew that my family will resettle down after displacement and the bad economic situation will end soon.

2- How did you feel when you heard about the rehabilitation of your house?

It felt amazing! I felt that I am settling down after seeing my home rebuilt again.

3- How did the change (Rehabilitation) affect your family and how is their feeling towards it?

The impact was very joyful, we feel that our life is now back and my children will go back to school.

Ammar CNSF